1. Orders are subject to availability and thus will be pending approval. Please allow 24-48 hours for the admin to review your order. After which, a confirmation message will be sent to you, and then payment can be processed.
  2. Harana Cebu reserves the right to cancel deliveries in unforeseen circumstances that would put the safety of our delivery personnel at risk. (e.g. weather conditions, road closures) However, we will ask you for another date and time of delivery. All orders are nonrefundable.
  3. Please make sure that the receiver of the gift is available during your requested delivery date and time. Harana Cebu asks for a leeway of at most an hour, considering unpredictable traffic conditions.
  4. If receiver, by any instance, is not present during delivery, we will be obliged to leave the item to someone the receiver entrusts, but we will not be liable for not being able to deliver the Harana service.
  5. A video will be taken during the Harana. A copy will be sent to you after it has been edited. Harana Cebu reserves the right to use clips of the videos, but still with utmost respect. We can blur the face of the person if you so request.
  6. We cannot guarantee clarity of video/audio as these may be affected by various factors such as background noise, lighting, etc. Video  will serve as proof of delivery.
  7. Actual objects may not appear exactly as it is in the picture as they have been enhanced for picture quality purposes. However, we do assure you that our products are of the best possible quality available.
  8. Harana Cebu reserves the right to provide a different flower or gift of the same value if and when chosen product is unavailable.